time waits for no one

some things don't last forever

this too shall pass

eventually everyone will grow tired

eventually they will perish

but not you

nor the others

you did say you wanted this life

you asked for this life to your heart's content

even with this vein of immortality

you will need to learn

to accept the changes that come and go

living in this virtual world of neverending entropy, repeating and repeating and repeating cyclically and never ending past the heat death of the universe

you will wake. you will sleep. you will live. you will die. one hundred million million million times over

and what you consider to be an ideal life, is nothing but another vessel restraining you

even if you vow to change

you will still be the same person

your heart and soul, your ethereal psyche, beyond the confines of your former world and this new blank world

it will still be yours

and no other individual will change that

you will eventually come to embrace this principle

so try to enjoy every moment in this new life with every year every century every millennium passing by

because you will still be in BUNNY until hell freezes over,