A██████ PROJECT - REPORT #████

20 MARCH 2███

There are recent reports stating that ████████ are starting to form clusters after having counteracting them. This new phenomenon, that analysts are coining as "group fortification", involves ████████ invading others' personalized forms of media and feed off of theis strength. Given the power distribution of these new groups, these forms of media will only sustain more than one ████████s' power, yet they will not be able to sustain them for an extended amount of time. Since the eradification of the first group of forms of media, at least 200 groups have been fortified.

Cyberscientists have observed that once an ███████ is eradicated, possessed pieces of literature are turning to dust, webpages are now defunct, and vinyl music records are no longer playable. They assume that the "████████" are fleeing to a new form of media as a form of refuge once their central media has been destroyed.